MAT 223 First Worksheet

2583 days ago by kcrisman

To just check out how two vectors relate to their cross product, evaluate this cell and just input your own vectors.

@interact def _(vector1=matrix([[1,-1,3]]),vector2=matrix([[0,-1,2]])): V = vector(vector1[0]) W = vector(vector2[0]) P = plot(V.cross_product(W),color='red')+plot(V)+plot(W) 

Click to the left again to hide and once more to show the dynamic interactive window

Here are, roughly, the commands we used on the fourth day of class to view some vectors.  Note the syntax carefully; you can just cut and paste, but woe betide anyone who removes a parenthesis or bracket!  Just click "evaluate" when you click inside a cell (box with mathy stuff).

V = vector([1,-1,3]) W = vector([0,-1,2]) W2 = vector([0,1,2]) 
P = plot(V.cross_product(W),color='red')+plot(V)+plot(W) 
Q = plot(V.cross_product(W2),color='red')+plot(V)+plot(W2)